ema certificate Sikri Packaging Corporation
Spares & Services
1. Services

The company has a manufacturing and servicing facility in the heart of Calcutta city, in an industrial estate which is owned by the group. Here the company has structured departments for mechanical, electrical and electronic servicing and spares of the machines dealt with. Our team of specially trained technicians is always availble to provide any services required by our customers. Our modern communication and logistic facilities ensure that our clients can get in touch with us at all times and can be promptly attended to in case of emergency.

2. Spares Available Ex-Stock At Reasonable Rates

# All mechanical spares - bearing, bushes, brackets, hoppers, discs, liquid pumps, chutes, sprockets, gears, pulleys, batch coders, unwinders, etc. for FFS machines.

# All electrical spares for FFS machines - heaters, contactors, switches, fuses, micre-switches, volt and amp meters, motors, etc.

# All electrical spares for FFS machines - photo control panels, photo - cells, temperature controllers, reversible motors, etc.

# Repairing electronic panels, photo-cells, temperature controllers, reversible motors, gear boxes, etc.

# Overhauling, repairing and reconditioning of FFS machines.

# Retrofitting of batch-coding units, adjustable discs and conversion kits.

3. Training, Installation and Servicing Facilities

# To help our clients, we offer installation and servicing facilities to our clients of FFS machines all over the world. These services are available both on-site and off-side.

# Our Clients can send their personnel for "hands on" training on FFS machines at our Kolkata factory, prior shipment. We do not charge any extra amount for this facility.

# We can send our technicians, who specialize in FFS machines, to any site in the world, at actual expense only basis, for installation of new FFS machines.

# We can provide technicians for servicing of our installed FFS machines at the same actual expense only basis.

# We provide free telephonic and email support for any technical problems which may occur during operation of the FFS machines.