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Our Team

Owner and Chief Mentor Mr. Madhusudan Sikri and Mr. Wang Yang, our partner in
Shantou China Factory, discussing a project in our Shantou Office.
Mr. Manish Sikri - Chief Executive.
Mrs. Retema Sikri - Director Tea Bags.
Mr. Madhusudan Sikri and Mr. Wang Yang   Mr. Manish Sikri   Mrs. Retema Sikri

Mrs. Sangeeta Chatterjee - Commercial Manager
Mrs. Mou Hazra - International Marketing Executive
Mr. Avijit Mondal - Web & Graphic Designer
Mrs. Sangeeta Chatterjee   Mrs. Mou Hazra   Mr. Avijit Mondal

Mrs. Priyanka Roy – Sr. Account Officer.
Ms. Anshu Srivastava – Jr. Accountant Officer.
Mr. Sengupta – Accountant.
Mrs. Priyanka Roy   Ms. Anshu Srivastava   Mr. Sengupta

Ms. Rina Hussain – Front Desk Executive.
Mrs. Keya Nandi Basu – Documentation and quality control Executive.
Ms. Swagata Bhattacharya – Production Planning & Technical Supervisor.
Ms. Rina Hussain   Mrs. Keya Nandi Basu   Ms. Swagata Bhattacharya

Mr. Tapan Kr. Ghosh- Electrical & Electronic Supervisor
Mr. S. Barui, Leathman, turning a stainless steel component
at our Calcutta Factory.
Mr.Soubir Paul- Mechanical Supervisor
Mr. Tapan Kr. Ghosh   Mr. S. Barui   Mr.Soubir Paul

Mr.Tapan doing machine trial.
Mr. R. Sardar and Mr. R. Roy preparing a cast-iron frame for
Mr. Prasanta Mahoto - Small Machine Assembly.
Mr. Tapan Kr. Ghosh   Mr. R. Sardar and Mr. R. Roy   Mr. Prasanta Mahoto

Mr. S. Das – Outdoor Assistant.
Ms. B. Samanta – Office Assistant.
Mr. R. Singh – outdoor purchasing assistant.
Mr. S. Das   Ms. B. Samanta   Mr. R. Singh