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Milk & Water Sachet Machine
This machine is made in INDIA


For the first time in India, a PLC controlled milk / water sachet packing machine.
Suitable for pouch packing of products such as drinking water, liquid milk, alcoholic beverages, fruit drinks, and any other free-flowing, non-carbonated liquid, the machine is totally electronically operated, and does not use any pneumatic or hydraulic system.
Packaging film used is LDPE, HDPE or multilayer. The precision timer ensures filling accuracy within + 2.5%. The filling range is from 200 ml to 500 ml. (Can be made especially to pack ice lollies in 100 ml size)

This machine is ideal for small and medium scale industries wishing to automate their packaging process, especially in the dairy, mineral water and liquor industries. There is provision for inline UV film sterilization and the attachment of a batch number and date printing unit.

This machine is ideally suited as the one of the most effective method for delivering pure drinking water or pure fresh milk at the most economical cost in areas where these products are needed most at lowest cost to the consumer.

Simple to use and economically priced, this machine can recover its cost in a few months of operation. The PLC control ensures correct operating sequence and accurate filling and sealing adjustments, thereby reducing the wastage of the packaging product and the packaging film to bare minimum.

The machine uses a gravity filling system with PLC timer control. The precision PLC timer ensures filling accuracy within +/- 2.5%. The output is up to 1800 pouches per hour.

#    Simple operation. No training required for start-up, operation or maintenance. The detailed illustrated manual supplied with the machine is enough to DO-IT-YOURSELF.  

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#    SELEC PLC - India's best. Internationally well-known reputed components used in the construction of the machine.
#    Supplied ready to use, mounted on sturdy legs. It does not require any grouting or installation. Simply place it where you want and start production! This machine does not require any compressor, hydraulic system, or special electrical wiring.
#    Available for 220 volts AC single phase / 110 volts AC single phase power supply.
#    The machine has a stainless steel intermediate tank and the fill volume is controlled by a PLC controlled timer valve gravity fill system.
#     Electrical / mechanical protections as per European / American standards can be installed as an option.
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Film width .... 320 mm + 2 mm of thickness 70 -80 microns
Pouch size .... 152 +/- 2mm width x 150 mm length( maximum)  
Type of seal .... Impulse (center seal)  
Connected load .... 3 kw 220 Volts AC at 50 Hz  
Power consumption .... 1.75 kw / hr  
Cooling water .... 2 kg / sq cm  
Flow rate .... 165 lts at room temperature 
Machine Dimensions: .... Height :2000mm Width :1700mm Depth :1300mm (approx.) 
Machine speed .... 1200 -1800 pouches per hour 
Shipping case dimensions .... Height : 1500mm , Width : 900mm Depth : 960mm