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Single Lane Stick-Pack Machine



Our revolutionary introduction for the food service industry – the Sikri Stick-Pack Machine – a low cost, high performance sachet packing machine for smart, contemporary and economical single use sachets. The machine is made in India. It is made extra versatile with EASY-CHANGE™ TECHNOLOGY.

This versatile sachet packing machine is ideal for crystal sugar, and all kinds of granulated free flowing products. With a back longitudinal fin-seal and top & bottom cross seals of merely 5 mm width, it can achieve maximum filling capacity with a minimum use of packaging material.

The machine is ideally suitable for packing liquids and pastes - like jam sticks, jelly sticks and choco sticks! This machine is particularly suited for packing honey sachets.

The machine displayed on this page is classified within the relevant EU directives and further conforms with the specified EU harmonized standards and in compliance with the relevant directive, the technical file of the product displayed on this page is held within the EU with our authorised representative.

#    Pack Length variable from 90 mm to 125 mm with easy-change™ pitch gears.  

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#    Pack Width variable from 17 mm to 30 mm with easy-change™ forming collars.
#    Choice of plain or zigzag end cutting.
#    Easy-change™ adjustable volumetric dozer to vary filled weight from 4 grams to 20 grams.
#     Size change can be achieved in a few minutes.
#     Speed up to 90 packs per minute depending on pack width.
#     Print Registration as standard equipment.
#     Electricals with state-of-the-art safety features.
#     European style safety covers for sealers and forming collars.
#     Complete stainless steel door covers and body-cladding in stainless steel (aisi 304 - 2 mm) available as an extra option.
#     Maximum film reel diameter 300 mm.
#     Fully electro-mechanical machine - no pneumatics, no expensive proprietary electronics, easily available spares.
#     Low cost - less than 1 / 10th of the price of European machines made for the same applications.
SIKRI Machines come with a number of accessories.Please view these to decide what you need with your machine.
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Pouch shape .... 3-side with back fin seal stick pack sachets  
End cut pattern .... Straight / Zigzag / Easy Tear Notch / Contuored end seal with horizontal "I" Notch
Stick Length
.... Ranges available: 60 mm to 90 mm / 90 mm to 130 mm /
130 mm to 160 mm.
Instant change of pack length by push- button through the ATM 19Controller.
Stick width .... 17 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm 
Film Width .... 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm 
Size Change
.... Changeover of different time is achieved by merely changing the forming collar which is fastened by 4 bolts. Changeover time is about 4 minutes. The machine is supplied with 5 standard forming collars, the sizes of which can be specified by the customer. 
End Pattern .... Choice of 4 end patterns, Change over in 5 minutes 
Sealing Pattern .... Diamond, straight line or plain, as specified by the customer. Default pattern is diamond. 
Dosing System
.... Dynamic adjustable volumetric doser executed in aisi 304 stainless steel. Dosing accuracy is + 1%. Dosing quantities can vary between 4 grams to 20 grams of sugar, and dose can be controlled while the machine is operating.  
Print Registration .... Photo-electric controlled print registration is standard equipment on the machine  
Packed Weight .... 4 grams to 20 grams  
Packing Speed .... 50 to 90 sticks per minute depending on width of sachet  
Packing Material .... Heat Seal able laminated film like Paper + PE, PET + PE, Foil + PE Paper + Foil + PE, PET + Foil + PE.  
Electricals .... AC 220 Volt 50 Hz Single Phase, Motor : ½ Kw., Heaters : 2 x 150 watt, 2x 350 watt  
Machine Dimensions .... L x W x H : 750 x 560 x 1800 (mm) (approx.) 
Crate Dimensions .... L x W x H : 820 x 700 x 1500 (mm) (approx.) 
Machine Weight .... 380 Kgs. Net. / 450 Kgs. Gross. (approx.)