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FFS Machines for Tea Bags with String and Tag MODEL-FFS 0520 11CH


This machine is made in CHINA


A range of LOW COST machines to pack tea, herbal products, yerba mate, oolong tea, granulated coffee in filter paper tea bags with string and tag, with outer envelope and other configurations.

The machine 0520-11CH is the ideal entry level machine for tea bag production. It is extremely economical - the price is less than a tenth of a normal tea bag machine, because we have automated only those processes which cannot be done by hand - the actual making, filling, seal of the tea bags, and attaching the string and the tag. The secondary processes, like repacking the made tea bags into boxes or outer cartons, is left to be done manually, because these are the operations which hike up the machine prices astronomically.

At the same time, however,it automatically completes such critical functions as bagmaking, filling, measuring, sealing, thread feeding, labeling, cutting, counting, etc. Thus reducing labor expenses and improving production efficiency.This machine is suitable for packing such products as broken tea, coffee, ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, yerba mate tea, as well as tea leaves and herbal beverage, etc.

The machine has two unique designs

# Unique tag feeding design.

# The novel design for the tag sealing.

       To pack these teabags further in an outer envelope we offer low cost solutions.                                 Watch the Video of FFS 0520 11CH
           outer envelope         


#     Low Cost Simple operation.
#     Mounted on movable castor wheels.
#     Available fully clad with stainless steel aisi 304, and complete stainless steel aisi 304 contact parts.
#     Electrical / mechanical protections as per European / American standards.
#     Available for 220 volts / 110 volts AC power supply.
#     Accurate filling and easy weight adjustment with a high precision volumetric cup filler.
#     Self contained, ready to use machine. Does not require any compressor.
#     All contact parts made of stainless steel construction.
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Sealing Type .... 3-side seal
Packing Size .... Repeat Length : 62 mm , Film Width : 62 mm
String And Tag .... String Length 160 mm , Tag Dimensions : 28 mm x 24 mm
Packed Weight .... 1 gram to 3 grams
Packing Speed .... Single track: 30 to 60 sachets per minute.  
Packing Material .... Heat Sealable Tea Bag Paper.  
Electricals .... AC 220V 50Hz / 110V 60 Hz Single Phase, Available with electronic speed control, PID Digital Temperature Controllers, Safety : Features available to comply with international safety norms.
Machine Dimensions .... L x W x H : 750 x 560 x 1800 (mm)  
Crate Dimensions .... L x W x H 965 x 760 x 1900 (mm)  
Machine Weight .... 350 Kg. Net. 430 Kg. Gross