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Auger Filling Machines


This machine is made in INDIA


This machine is used for filling powders into any type of preformed rigid or flexible container, like plastic or glass jar, metal caddy, or preformed poly-pouch or textile bag.

Our auger dosers are custom-made in-house in our factory in Shantou, China, and brought to India for installation on these machines. Since each doser is built according to the needs of the customer, we offer high-accuracy and an easy to use electronic interface. The doser uses a hi-tech stepper motor to control the dosing screw and a servo motor to operate the scraping paddle in the barrel. All contact parts are executed in stainless steel aisi 304 or 316, as required by our customer.

The machine is provided with dual controls – foot operated as well as auto start-stop operation, with operator controlled delay timer. The operator has to bring each container manually to the filling spout, and remove the same after fill. The machine automatically measures the product and delivers into the container from the feed hopper. There is a sensor at the filling station to avoid auger operation without the presence of the filling container.

The machine comes equipped with pneumatically operated impulse sealer so that the operator can fill and seal at the same time in one seamless operation.

The machine displayed on this page is classified within the relevant EU directives and further conforms with the specified EU harmonized standards and in compliance with the relevant directive, the technical file of the product displayed on this page is held within the EU with our authorised representative.



#    The Machine is available in packing configuration of: 10 grams / ml to 100 grams / ml.
#    The machine is simple to operate and does not take up much space. It is ideal for small industries, super-markets and large stores.
#    The machine operates on 220 volts AC. Two variations are available
#    Electronic Model where the filling volume and the rate of fills is controlled by means of an electronic device.
#     Electro-mechanical Model where the filling is controlled entirely by the operator by means of a foot pedal.
#     The peak operating speed is up to 40 drops per minute, depending upon packed weight and operator skill.
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To Pack .... From 25 grams to 100 grams non free-flowing powders
Filling System .... Microprocessor controlled Stepper Motor Driven Auger Filler, executed in stainless steel aisi 304 with servo controlled mixer / scraper in the hopper cone, and barrel and screw also executed in stainless steel aisi 304. 
Filling Station .... Adjustable height filling station made from stainless steel aisi 304 
Pouch Sealing .... A pouch sealing impulse sealer system will be attached to the machine. 
Machine Speed .... The speed will depend upon the skill of the operator, since this is a semi-automatic machine. 
Continuous Running .... Machine can run continuously for 3-shift operation. 
Contact Parts .... All contact parts will be stainless steel aisi 304 
Body Cladding .... The machine will be clad in stainless steel aisi 304. 
Batch Printing .... Not provided on this equipment 
Machine Weight .... 350 Kg. Net. 430 Kg. Gross