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Multihead Weigher


This machine is made in CHINA


This machine is used for packing Potato slice and chip, salads, raisin, oatmeal, candy, peanut, walnut kernel, apricot kernel, popped food, sugar, jelly, frozen dumpling, frozen meatballs, bulk drugs, gourmet powder, salt, solid beverage powder, etc.

The machine is available in 3 options:

1. Collection Bucket

2. Dimpled Stainless Steel Construction

3. Waterproof Vibratory Equipment IP65



#    Stable 10-bucket structure
#    PLC controlled choice of the best weight combination instantaneously from multiple weight combinations by computer.
#    Instantaneous reaching of correct calculation by a high-precision load cell.
#    Stepper Motor operation ensures quiet running, stable action and durability .
#    The open & close speed of the product dipper cover can be finely regulated according to the nature of the measured product to prevent crashing and damage.
#     All contact parts touching the product are executed in stainless steel aisi 304 , ensuring neatness and hygiene.
#     Excellent compatibility and ease of integration with other packing equipment
#     Measuring error within ±1g
#     Maximum weight range 500g per cycle (with the collection bucket the maximum weight can be 1 to 2 kilograms)
#     Maximum speed 50-60 batches per minute
#     Scale Resolution: 0.1g
#     Weighing error within 1g (depending on the nature and density of the product)
#     Suitable for material length: Max 80 mm (2 Litre weighing buckets)
#     Measuring method by load cell
#     Driven by stepper motor
#     Double-row non-memory buckets
#     Maximum 50 choices of preset functions, easy to store your products and weight data for future use.
#     Level control: Photo electric (pass type)
#     Power: AC200/220V±10%,1.5KVA
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Main Mechanism .... 1040 mm x 730 mm x 900 mm 
Packed .... 1080 mm x 1080 mm x 880 mm 
Net Weight .... 150 Kg. Gross Weight: 180 Kg